2013 Rhode Island State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Mark A Farnum 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 126,980.00 Profile
James M Weeden 2013 Deputy Assistant Director Corrections 126,487.00 Profile
Michael J Morrissey 2013 Chief of Staff Attorney General/Legal 126,368.00 Profile
Lorraine A Hynes 2013 Purchasing Agent Administration 126,345.00 Profile
Matthew A Kettle 2013 Deputy Assistant Director Corrections 126,027.00 Profile
Alan S Dias 2013 Assistant Director Central Information Management Systems Administration 126,020.00 Profile
David P Kerins 2013 Chief Hearing Officer Other 125,775.00 Profile
Robert E Carr 2013 Legal Counsel Legislative 125,775.00 Profile
Patricia A Coyne Fague 2013 Assistant Director of Administration Corrections 125,447.00 Profile
Kevin J Aucoin 2013 Deputy Director Social/Human Services 125,412.00 Profile
Stephanie A Fogli-Terry 2013 Associate Director/Child Welfare Social/Human Services 125,292.00 Profile
Jill A Lefebvre 2013 Deputy Executive Assistant Courts 125,280.00 Profile
Jacqueline G Kelley 2013 Administrative/Legislative Supervisor Health 125,120.00 Profile
Elia Germani 2013 Chairperson Public Utility Commission Public Utilities 125,071.00 Profile
Nancy M Maguire Heath 2013 Director/Principal Education 125,000.00 Profile
Kenneth R Walker 2013 Chairperson Parole Board Corrections 124,721.00 Profile
Stephen J Kerr 2013 Deputy Executive Assistant Courts 124,721.00 Profile
Anne-Marie Fink 2013 Chief Investment Officer Treasurer 124,683.00 Profile
Maureen T Wu 2013 Associate Director Health 124,661.00 Profile
Peter B Keenan 2013 Associate Controller Administration 124,602.00 Profile
Christos S Xenophontos 2013 Assistant Director for Administrative Services Transportation 124,438.00 Profile
John P Fulton 2013 Associate Director of Health Health 124,420.00 Profile
Howard Boksenbaum 2013 Chief of Library Services Administration 124,420.00 Profile
Patrick T Reilly 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile
William C Jamieson 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile