2013 Rhode Island State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Timothy G Sanzi 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile
Patrick T Reilly 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile
William C Jamieson 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile
Kevin M O'Brien 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 124,349.00 Profile
Thomas M Odonnell 2013 Assistant Director Central Information Management Systems Administration 124,336.00 Profile
Mary S Mcelroy 2013 Public Defender Attorney General/Legal 124,301.00 Profile
Amy P Kempe 2013 Public Information Officer Attorney General/Legal 124,118.00 Profile
Marco Schiappa 2013 Associate Director of Administration Administration 123,819.00 Profile
Angela J Lacombe 2013 Psychiatrist IV Health 123,560.00 Profile
Thomas P Guertin 2013 Chief Digital Officer Administration 123,496.00 Profile
Robert Vitale 2013 Deputy Assistant Director Corrections 123,356.00 Profile
Joseph C Cardin 2013 Supervisor Social/Human Services 123,004.00 Profile
Raymond B Studley 2013 Lieutenant Colonel Public Safety 122,954.00 Profile
Michael F Canole 2013 Chief of Examinations Revenue 122,606.00 Profile
Helene C Martin 2013 Executive Nurse Health 122,411.00 Profile
Edward M D Arezzo 2013 Assistant Director of Health Health 122,243.00 Profile
Melvin J Enright 2013 Deputy Executive Assistant Courts 122,191.00 Profile
Joanne H Lehrer 2013 Chief of Staff Social/Human Services 122,182.00 Profile
John E Lovoy 2013 Chief/Trial Division Attorney General/Legal 121,984.00 Profile
Gerard J Ratigan 2013 Fraud Manager Public Safety 121,887.00 Profile
Kevin M Barry 2013 Lieutenant Public Safety 121,866.00 Profile
Marilyn Mcconaghy 2013 Administrative/Legislative Supervisor Revenue 121,772.00 Profile
Laurie J Petrone 2013 Associate Director I Administration 121,752.00 Profile
Erika L Kruse Weller 2013 Chief Supervisory Clerk Courts 121,704.00 Profile
Corsino Delgado 2013 Associate Director Health 121,409.00 Profile