2013 Rhode Island State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Patricia L Harwood 2013 General Magistrate Courts 153,887.00 Profile
Ronald J Pagliarini 2013 Administrative Clerk Courts 153,809.00 Profile
Grover J Fugate 2013 Director Other 153,611.00 Profile
Sharon R Ferland 2013 House Fiscal Advisor Legislative 153,079.00 Profile
Luis M Matos 2013 Associate Justice Courts 151,502.00 Profile
Namvar Moghadam 2013 Associate Director of Administration Administration 150,887.00 Profile
Dennis E Hoyle 2013 Auditor General Legislative 150,064.00 Profile
Thomas F Ahern 2013 Adminstrator Public Utilities/Carries Public Utilities 149,844.00 Profile
Richard A Licht 2013 Director Of Administration Administration 149,511.00 Profile
Pedro F Tactacan 2013 Assistant Chief of Psychiatric Services Health 149,371.00 Profile
Karen Lynch Bernard 2013 Associate Justice Courts 149,207.00 Profile
Sarah Taft-Carter 2013 Associate Justice Courts 149,207.00 Profile
John E Mccann III 2013 Associate Justice Courts 149,207.00 Profile
Kristen E Rodgers 2013 Associate Justice Courts 149,207.00 Profile
Steven G O Donnell 2013 Supervisoryt Director of Public Safety Commission Public Safety 148,937.00 Profile
Patricia K Asquith 2013 Associate Justice Courts 147,644.00 Profile
Patricia M Leddy 2013 Deputy Director Governor's Office 147,510.00 Profile
Edward M Fogarty 2013 Legal Counsel to the Senate President Legislative 146,937.00 Profile
Edward H Newman 2013 Magistrate Courts 146,892.00 Profile
John J Flynn 2013 Magistrate Courts 146,407.00 Profile
Anthony A Bucci 2013 Personnel Administrator Administration 146,165.00 Profile
Patricia M Ogera 2013 Assistant Medical Examiner Forensic Pathologist Health 145,680.00 Profile
Ashbel T Wall 2013 Director Department of Corrections Corrections 145,644.00 Profile
Paul J Despres Jr 2013 Chief Executive Officer Health 144,408.00 Profile
David D Curtin 2013 Chief Disciplinary Counsel Courts 143,555.00 Profile