2014 Rhode Island State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Karen H Quinn 2014 Deputy Executive Assistant Courts 129,569.00 Profile
Philip Silva 2014 Assistant Director Central Information Administration 129,479.00 Profile
Christos S Xenophontos 2014 Assistant Director for Administrative Services Transportation 129,390.00 Profile
Ann C Assumpico 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 129,384.00 Profile
Colin A Franco 2014 Associate Chief Engineer Transportation 129,280.00 Profile
Lincoln D Chafee 2014 Governor Governor's Office 129,210.00 Profile
Nancy M Maguire Heath 2014 Director/Principal Education 129,000.00 Profile
Kevin M O'Brien 2014 Captain Public Safety 128,974.00 Profile
Joseph C Cardin 2014 Supervisor Biologist Social/Human Services 128,939.00 Profile
John A Beauregard 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 128,700.00 Profile
Robert K Griffith 2014 Database Manager Administration 128,504.00 Profile
Kevin M Barry 2014 Captain Public Safety 128,487.00 Profile
Paul L Dion 2014 Chief of Revenue Analysis Revenue 128,350.00 Profile
Gail A Theriault 2014 Administrative/Legislative Support Services Health 128,269.00 Profile
Stephen H Whitney 2014 Senate Fiscal Advisor Legislative 127,947.00 Profile
Carole A Dwyer 2014 Deputy Assistant Director/Warden Corrections 127,844.00 Profile
Melvin J Enright 2014 Deputy Executive Assistant Courts 127,571.00 Profile
Susan G Pegden 2014 Director Legislative 127,569.00 Profile
Larry V Mouradjian 2014 Associate Director Other 127,543.00 Profile
George A Zainyeh 2014 Chief of Staff Governor's Office 127,419.00 Profile
James F Vierra 2014 Deputy Assistant Director/Warden Corrections 127,307.00 Profile
David M Spinella 2014 Hearing Officer Other 127,288.00 Profile
John P Flaherty III 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 127,261.00 Profile
Michael J Gill 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 127,261.00 Profile
Stephen B Flood 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 127,053.00 Profile