2014 Rhode Island State Employees Salaries

Other years available for State Employees

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Marco Schiappa 2014 Associate Director Administration 124,009.00 Profile
Christopher C Cotta 2014 Director of Administration Attorney General/Legal 124,005.00 Profile
Leo Skenyon 2014 Chief of Staff Legislative 124,003.00 Profile
Donna J Guido 2014 Senior Information Technology Project Manager Administration 123,837.00 Profile
Angela J Lacombe 2014 Psychiatrist IV Health 123,560.00 Profile
Dennis B Fleming 2014 Lieutenant Public Safety 123,108.00 Profile
Michael F Canole 2014 Chief of Examination Revenue 122,794.00 Profile
Marc A Leonetti 2014 Controller Administration 122,631.00 Profile
Joanne H Lehrer 2014 Chief of Staff Social/Human Services 122,369.00 Profile
John E Lovoy 2014 Chief/Trial Division Attorney General/Legal 122,171.00 Profile
Gerard J Ratigan 2014 Fraud Manager Public Safety 122,071.00 Profile
Marilyn McConaghy 2014 Administrative/Legislative Support Services Revenue 121,960.00 Profile
Fred A Slemon 2014 Supervisor of Special Populations Education 121,944.00 Profile
Laurie J Petrone 2014 Associate Director I Administration 121,936.00 Profile
Erika L Kruse Weller 2014 Chief Supervisory Clerk Courts 121,891.00 Profile
Edward M D'Arezzo 2014 Assistant Director rf Health Health 121,802.00 Profile
Ann M Martino 2014 Associate Director II Health 121,596.00 Profile
Bernard Lane Jr 2014 Administrator Management Information Services Administration 121,596.00 Profile
Corsino Delgado 2014 Associate Director Health 121,596.00 Profile
Ana P Novais 2014 Associate Director Health 121,596.00 Profile
Marion S Gold 2014 Commissioner Administration 121,262.00 Profile
Lori A Tellier 2014 Fraud Manager Public Safety 121,220.00 Profile
Andrew P Lekos 2014 Physician II Health 121,012.00 Profile
Jennifer K Trayner 2014 Psychiatrist IV Health 120,789.00 Profile
Ewa King 2014 Associate Director Health 120,714.00 Profile